Travel Assistance

Our large network of partners in almost every field allows us to make your travel arrangements and planning as easy as possible. Upon your request, we can arrange your entire journey from door to door. You deserve the best medical travel experience you can get.

Air Travel

Our cooperation with large air travel partners provides efficiency and maximum comfort. We cooperate with premium partners and have access to the largest medical air vehicle fleet globally to organise ambulance flights and to make other special arrangements. We also book every other international flight for you and/or your family from any country around the world.


Our contacts to the German Foreign Service allow us to act fast if you need to obtain a Visa for your travel into the EU. In most cases, an invitation by the hospital is required in order to receive medical treatment in the European Union. We are pleased to assist you with your visa application.

Hotel & Accomodation

Our partnerships with leading global hotels will help us to book the hotel or accommodation you prefer. We work with a large selection of hotel partners such as Premium Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Business Hotels and Apartments.


Our Medscout Service Center will help you with translation services for your medical reports and documents. This allows the doctors to best evaluate your medical case upfront in order to provide you with a fair cost estimate. When leaving the clinic, our translators can also provide you with your medical discharge report in your language. You can even store all your documents in our secure medical documentation storage.


Our local Medscout interpreters ensure there are no communication gaps between you, your doctor and your family members. During your stay and upon your request we provide you with experienced interpreters that will accompany you in the hospital and beyond for a successful treatment.

Car rental & chauffeur services

Our car rental and chauffeur service partners can provide you with almost every car. Try to feel like home by driving the same care as back home.


Our Medscout Service Center will also help to arrange your families leisure time and make bookings for events you like to attend.

How can we help you?

Your contact information will be used for the sole purpose of facilitating the process of getting medical treatment at one of our partner hospitals.

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