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Medscout is happy to get the information you require from this hospital. Medscout maintains deep relationships with our partner hospitals and so we are able to get an answer to your request within 1-2 days. Simply click on "Get Quote" above and send us your request in the text field.

Click on "Get Quote" above and we will get in touch with the hospital to give you a cost estimate and treatment plan. Once you have reviewed the quote you may decide whether to go ahead with a booking or request a quote from another hospital. Once booked, we handle the planning and organizing of your trip.

Most medical staff at our partner hospitals speak a decent level of English, however at your request we can offer you a qualified interpreter in your native language.

Please select your destination in the top menu to learn more about the cultural, shopping and recreational offering of this location.

Hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland all meet high quality standards due to high cultural and legal standards. Medscout has selected the very best hospitals based on several factors ranging from reputation to official rankings.

No. Medscout is an independent company specialized in supporting international patients receive medical treatment from a clinic of their choice in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We can facilliate the entire process of getting medical treatment in these countries but we ourselves do not offer treatments of our own. Instead we have a large network of clinic partnerships ranging from major university clinics to specialized private clinics.

In theory, working with a medical travel company can increase the overall costs of receiving medical treatment abroad. In practise, however, it is almost certainly going to save you both time and money:

Our professional Service Center can handle administrative tasks quickly and more efficiently than a hospital. By outsourcing the bureaucratic work to us, the hospital saves money, resulting in an overall lower cost of treatment. By saving money on the administrative side, you can reduce the cost of your stay without sacrificing the quality of your medical treatment.

Also, by preparing all your medical documents in German, Medscout´s healthcare agents are able to help the doctors prepare a realistic treatment plan and cost estimate for you. While exact prices may vary from hospital to hospital, working with Medscout ensures that you know exactly what the costs are before getting treatment. We provide you with a detailed treatment plan with a full breakdown of all the costs, including the service fee to Medscout. This massively reduces the risk of experiencing any unpleasant surprises. Our knowledge of European healthcare systems allows us to represent you on a cost-controlled basis according to state-enforced hospital pricing guidelines, ensuring that you truly get value for money from all medical providers we work with.

The key to Medscout´s approach to patient management lies in careful planning. With advanced preparation, we can save patients time and money by finding the right treatment within their budget, and by limiting the time of their stay in Europe.

In order to do this, we require recent, detailed medical data for our healthcare consultants and the doctors at our partner clinics to assess. By preparing a detailed treatment plan based on the patient's diagnosis and medical history, we can generate a more accurate cost estimate and ensure optimal preparation for your trip

Complications typically occur as a result of a variety of interconnected and unpredictable events. The risk of such complications can never be fully eliminated, no matter how skilled the surgeon or well-equipped the hospital.

However, by working with experienced surgeons and quality clinics, we try to reduce the risk of a complication as much as possible. In the rare event of such a complication, our healthcare consultants coordinate all necesary measures to ensure the patient's safety and to keep communication flowing between all parties involved, including the patient´s family.

Most complications occur in the first few days after surgery. Because of this, your operating surgeon will recommend that you stay in Germany for at least a few days following your surgery. Doctors and nurses will monitor you to make sure that your body is healing, and that the medication is having the desired effects.

By following your doctor´s recommendations, your risk of experiencing complications will already be significantly reduced. However, even after you have returned to your home country, Medscout continues to offer our support you in your recovery. This includes assisting you in getting the medication you require delivered to your home.

Our approach to complications consists of two steps: First, you will be provided with complete medical records and a set of instructions of what to do and what to avoid when returning home. Second, we will be available as a point of contact will facilitate all communication with the healthcare provider that you received treatment from.

Our patients' health and safety is our top priority.

Yes, indeed! We actively encourage that at least one family member joins you. Despite the service Medscout offers, having someone with you while you travel will help you feel less alone and will provide valuable companionship.

In case you will not be accompanied by anyone, you can still rest assured that every eventuality is taken care of. After all, that is the expertise of Medscout.

As for Visa requirments, patients who need a medical visa are usually allowed to take one accompanying person with them. Please confirm with your specific country's requirements before making arrangements. Medscout is happy to assist you.

Around a quarter million international patients use the German healthcare system every year, not including expats living in Germany. This means that German hospitals are familiar with common religious requirements and can cater to specific cultural needs such as Halal food or international TV stations.

Please inform Medscout about specific wishes you have regarding the practise of your religion so that we can consider them in planning your trip.

After we have provided you with a cost estimate and you have decided that you would like to go ahead with the booking, you will receive two separate invoices, one from Medscout for our services (payable by wire transfer, Paypal or credit card) and one from the clinic for the treatment (payable by wire transfer).

Medscout´s transparent pricing ensures that you always have a clear understanding of your costs. These consist of two components: the treatment costs (as per the cost estimate provided by the clinic) and the fees for Medscout´s services, which can be found here.

The prices for our Medical Checkup Packages and Plastic Surgery Packages include both components.

Feel free to get in touch via our contact form. We typically respond within 24 hours.

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