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Medscout connects you with the best specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Whether you need a health checkup, medical treatment, or simply would like to get a second opinion, we assist you throughout the entire process.

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Medscout provides comprehensive assistance to international patients seeking medical treatment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How it works

Your personalized treatment in five easy steps

1. Check options

Search and compare trusted healthcare providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland including world-renowned university clinics and hospitals.

2. Get quote

Contact Medscout to get a quote within 48 hours for your preferred hospital or for the treatment you require, using advanced data security technology to keep your patient data safe.

3. Book trip

Let us organize your trip! For a small service fee we can book your flight, hotel, transfers, arrange your visa or provide you with an interpreter.

4. Get treatment

Get the treatment you need from one of our partner hospitals and let our service agents support you onsite or via our local 24/7 service center (depending on your booking).

5. Stay healthy

Get safe deliveries of all your medication directly from trusted pharmacies in Germany. Safely store all your medical documents with Medscout and get reminders on checkups.

Featured hospitals

Our partners include some of the most prestigious healthcare providers in the world, including specialized private hospitals as well as major university clinics.

Search & compare

Check the Medscout hospital directory for an overview of healthcare providers by medical condition, treatment or city.

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We are specialized in the German-speaking countries

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Germany • Austria • Switzerland

Why book your treatment with Medscout?

Leading hospitals

Get the best treatment from world class medical institutions

Data security

We use advanced security technology to keep your data safe

Comfort & ease

We guide you through the entire process of getting treatment abroad, so you can focus on your health

100% transparency

We tell you exactly what your costs are before booking. No hidden charges.

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How can we help you?

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