Treatment Prices

Prices for medical treatments are highly case-specific and depend on a range of factors. Below are examples of average prices for selected treatments. Please fill out this form to receive a quote for your specific needs.

Treatment Price

ACL repair (knee surgery)


Anterior cruciate ligament surgery


Catheter ablation (minimally invasive heart surgery)


Coronary artery bypass (open heart surgery)


Cyberknife (brain)


Disc replacement


Gastric balloon


Gastric band


Gastric sleeve


Hip joint replacement with rehabilitation program


Implantation, heart pacemaker

Knee joint replacement with rehabilitation program


Knee replacement, single


Proton therapy


PRT-therapy, conservative spine treatment


Radiation therapy for prostate cancer


Radical surgery for prostate cancer


Spinal fusion, LW1, one level


Surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia


Surgery for varicose veins


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