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We are very pleased about your interest in our house and would like to help you as a patient, assignor, family member, employee, scientist, etc. with the help of the Internet, to facilitate access to information about the University Hospital Frankfurt as well as to enable direct contact with us.

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From knowledge becomes health
The University Hospital of Frankfurt consists of 32 specialist clinics and clinical institutes as well as more than 20 research institutes and, together with the Goethe University Frankfurt, ensures the linking of teaching, research and healthcare. It is our goal to use the special possibilities of the training of future medical generations as well as the chances of integrating scientific knowledge directly into the patient care - for the benefit of the patients. In this way, health and progress will become a reality for all of us.

Health, safety, satisfaction - at the heart of man
For this to happen, more than 4,000 employees take care of you every day of the year round the clock! In the field of patient care, we strive - according to the most modern standards - for the highest quality of the medical service and to the greatest possible safety for our patients in the context of the treatment - to your and our satisfaction! In spite of - or perhaps just because of - the size of our institution, the focus is on man!

We feel committed to your health, safety and well-being. For suggestions or criticism, we are very grateful!



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