Vienna, Austria

A city that waltzes with all things fines, a city encompassed by romance, by tradition and by innovation – Vienna is simply lavish. Palaces, parks, the pinnacle of music, literature and art and majestic architecture are some of its most defining characteristics.

People often come in with high expectations and they are never let down – Vienna prides itself with its elegance and the fact that it’s the cradle for all things fancy. After all, it is one of the world’s most livable cities.

Quiet parks, pedestrian friendly quarters, 19th century elegance and some of the richest forms of art and culture, there’s a never-ending wealth of things to do.

You’ll discover the city’s grace and the echoes of philharmonic orchestra running through the city, you’ll revel in the energy trickling the city, and you’ll certainly realize that Vienna is a great place to spend money in.

The Baroque streets, the imperial palaces, the trams, and the high culture make Vienna simply one of the greatest European cities today.

Here are some of the things you can do in Vienna:

  • St Stephen’s Cathedral – Taking over the skyline of Vienna, this cathedral is blessed with a beautifully tiled roof, and you can visit catacombs, the Habsburg coat of arms, and sweeping panoramic views of the city. Museumquartier – A collection of incredible museums surrounded by bars and parks.
  • Haus der Musik – An interactive museum with scientific rooms, musical rooms and more. You can experience Beethoven’s decline into deafness, or learn about the physics of sound.
  • Schonbrunn Palace – A lavish palace where you can enjoying Baroque gardens and explore dozens of rooms.
Average Temperature




Language German
Curreny Euro
Population 1.77 Million
Time Zone UTC+1 / UTC+2 (summer)

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