Salzburg, Austria

Nothing comes as close to being the quintessential Austria than Salzburg. The birthplace of Mozart is an incredibly picturesque city with wonderful architecture at every corner, one of the richest musical heritages in the world, sweeping green hills, and romantic gardens.

This is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe, and while framed by mountains, it offers an Old Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, cobblestone streets, medieval and baroque buildings and palaces.

The Golden City of High Baroque, or the Florence of the North has splendid gardens, one of Europe’s largest medieval fortresses and an evidently rich artistic heritage.

Here are some of the top things you can do:

  • Mozart’s Birthplace – Visit the birthplace of Mozart, and explore rooms that were once the property of Mozart’s family, a museum inside, and a number of Mozart’s original scores.
  • The Residenzplatz – This is the city’s largest square and apart from its Baroque fountain and beautiful sculptures, it’s the perfect place to relax over a nice cup of coffee.
  • Salzburg’s Residenzplatz – The former palace that houses the Prince Bishops. Today, you can take tours of the property and watch wonderful paintings, furniture, and explore several halls.
Average Temperature




Language German
Curreny Euro
Population 147 Thousand
Time Zone UTC+1 / UTC+2 (summer)

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