Hannover, Germany

An air of refinement pervades through the once-dull city of Hannover. The city has inexorably grown into a center of education and commerce, and has become one of Germany’s top venues for international trade fairs, major events, open-air concerts and conferences.

The city is filled to the brim with museums, palaces and parks, and an unpretentious charming atmosphere. With royal gardens, top-notch leading museums, an opera house, and a baroque park unlike any other in Germany – Hannover is the place to go to rest, to unwind, to take a break and breathe some fresh air.

Apart from all of this, it’s also a major cultural center, and is a dynamic, constantly growing city.

Here are some of the things you can do there:

  • Herrenhausen Gardens – An English style park with a botanic garden, a showcase of the rich Baroque era, and beautiful fountains.
  • Old Town – The Marktplatz with its historic building, neo-gothic market, its fountain and the Market Church are all some of the things you can see in the Old town.
  • The New Town Hall – Perched majestically unto a lake, this town hall with its dome dominate the skyline of Hannover, and the entire place looks like it’s coming straight out of a painting.
  • Hanover Opera House – A neo-classical opera house with a first-class experience from September until June.
Average Temperature




Language German
Curreny Euro
Population 524 Thousand
Time Zone UTC+1 / UTC+2 (summer)

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