Graz, Austria

Austria’s second largest city is a lush, green paradise. An evident blend of architecture from different times, fortifications, churches, palaces and more all dot the city, mixing beautifully with its leafy parks.

The city has been shaped and molded by dozens of civilizations – from the Romans and Slavs to the Bavarians and Italians, giving the city a graceful, unique world-class culture.

You’ll find modern architecture, exuberant gastronomic experience, an evident youthful energy and a growing arts scene unlike no other. You’ll find the architecture around you reminiscent of Renaissance courtyards in Italy and Baroque palaces in the Netherlands, and you’ll find an unparalleled medieval charm.

Here are some of the things you can do in Graz:

  • Old Town Graz – Explore historical architectural monuments, churches and museums.
  • The Styrian Armory – 17Th century arms and armors are just some of the things you can find there, that have been perfectly preserved since the 17th century.
  • The Landhaus and Courtyard – Home to the Styrian provincial government.
  • The Natural History Museum – One of the most important museums in Graz, you’ll find several floors housing artifacts and displays that relate to geology, zoology and a lot more.
Average Temperature




Language German
Curreny Euro
Population 270 Thousand
Time Zone UTC+1 / UTC+2 (summer)

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