New Laser Technology for Women Health Improvement
2018-03-18 |

New Laser Technology for Women Health Improvement

Women reproductive system is one of the most complex and vulnerable in the human body. Certain disturbances interfere with the daily activities, which significantly decreases the quality and life. Recent medical technologies are aimed to help to fix women health problems. 

From now on, all patients will have an access to a new laser device for medical and cosmetic treatments at the DRK Hospital Chemnitz-Rabenstein.

Do you belong to the women that accidentally may urinate, especially during physical exertion, such as sports activities, coughing, sneezing or lifting heavy weights? Then you probably suffer from a disorder called stress incontinence. This often occurs in younger women, especially during or after pregnancy. The main causes are structural changes in the vagina and urinary tract, as well as the lack of strength in the collagen fibers. Often it is possible to improve the condition through the regular training of pelvic floor and targeted physiotherapy. However, these conservative options do not release all patients from their "burden". Thereafter, only one operation has been left, but some patients, particularly younger women often shy away from it.

The second major indication is vaginal atrophy, also called vaginal dryness. This is usually seen in women during or after the menopause and manifests mainly as a dry vaginal mucous membrane with occasional itching, pain during a sexual intercourse or even as a decreased libido. The cause is a reduced production of female sex hormones that results in thinning of the mucous wall and reduced elasticity of the genital tissue. A targeted hormone therapy used against this disorder is not preferred by every woman and can even be contraindicated in cases of a pre-existing cancer illness. 

Another indication is a lack of sexual fulfillment due to widening and sagging of the vaginal skin, which, for instance, may occur after birth giving.

The novel laser procedure called Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation helps in all these cases. These procedures are not invasive, therefore, without any bleeding. Here, laser light tightens the overstretched tissue of the muscles along with the connective tissue. An improvement can be observed just after the very first treatment session. In the further course, the connective tissue regenerates and restores the required strength. The laser therapy takes place on an outpatient basis and lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. As a rule, 2-3 procedures are sufficient for the full recovery. This treatment method is similar to a gynecological examination. Since patients do not feel any pain, no anesthesia is necessary. After the treatment, the patient can immediately go home.

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