Competent Help with Bone Fractures in Elderly
2018-01-15 |

Competent Help with Bone Fractures in Elderly

Older people are prone to develop fracture even after small injuries. A special care and attention should be provided to them in order to avoid further complications and bring them back to their routine life activities.

Traumatology Center for Elderly certified in AGAPLESION MARKUS HOSPITAL ensures the best care for older patients with fractures. The aim of the interdisciplinary trauma center in the AGAPLESION MARKUS HOSPITAL is an optimal care for fall injuries in the elderly patients. The competence center established by the Medical Geriatric Clinic and the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology has been successfully certified according to the criteria of geriatric specialist societies. At this traumatological center, older patients with fractures are not only provided with trauma surgery but at the same time receive a treatment that is specifically tailored to their age and pre-existing conditions. Geriatricians and traumatologists, as well as the interdisciplinary team of therapists, work hand in hand under one roof. The center will be coordinated by Gertraude Koetter, Senior Physician of the Geriatric Medical Clinic and the Head Physician of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dr. Ulrich Hötker. The core of the cooperation is the joint visits of geriatricians and accident surgeons.

"As soon as a patient is admitted to the hospital, we together with our colleagues from the Geriatric Medical Clinic agree on the further treatment steps," says Prof. Dr. Stefan Rehart, chief physician of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology. While the trauma surgeons focus on the treatment of fractures, such as the arms, legs, spine or pelvis, the geriatric physicians focus on possible comorbidities such as cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes or dementia. In addition, they work together on the causes of falls in order to avoid further accidents.

"If we know why a particular crash occurs, we can reduce the risk of another one," says Dr. Rupert Püllen, chief physician of the Medical Geriatric Clinic. This is of a special importance as a fall can be a major turning point in the daily lives of older people. "In order to maintain the independence of patients and to further avoid a need of care, it is also important to recognize possible consequences such as states of confusion or muscle loss at an early stage and counteract this in a respective way", says Dr. Püllen.

In order to mobilize the patients as soon as possible, physiotherapy and ergotherapy units are an integral part of the treatment at this traumatological center for the elderly. This close cooperation inside of the interdisciplinary team enables the optimal care of elderly patients after falls.

The AGAPLESION FRANKFURTER DIAKONIE KLINIKEN together with AGAPLESION BETHANIEN KRANKENHAUS form a non-profit LLC: AGAPLESION MARKUS KRANKENHAUS. The two clinics have a total of 872 beds and 70 semi-stationary places. In 2016, more than 36,700 in-patients were treated there, more than 8,100 patients received pre- or post-inpatient care, around 27,300 outpatient emergencies were cared, and around 2,150 outpatient operations were performed.

The AGAPLESION, non-profit corporation, was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2002 by Christian companies, primarily to strengthen Christian healthcare facilities in a challenging economic and competitive situation. AGAPLESION has more than 100 facilities nationwide, including 25 hospital locations with over 6,300 beds, 35 residential and care facilities with over 3,000 care places and additional 800-assisted apartments, 4 hospices, 17 medical care centers, 8 outpatient care services and a training academy. In addition, AGAPLESION provides training in the field of healthcare and nursing at 19 locations. More than 19,000 employees ensure patient-oriented medical care in accordance with recognized quality standards. More than one million patients are treated each year. The revenues of all facilities including the participation amount to over one billion euros.

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