Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

Hannover, Німеччина

From the very beginning international relations played an important role in MHH.

Cooperation and mobility have been and are being promoted, the network of contacts to universities and clinics worldwide is growing continuously.

The MHH enjoys international recognition in research and education.

The interest in foreign study applicants, scientists and physicians is great to learn, to research or to work at the Hanover Medical University.

PhD students and scientists from all over the world are involved in the various research projects at MHH.


We welcome all of you.

Інформація про клініку

Dear Patient,


We would like to welcome you on behalf of all employees of the Hanover Medical University.


They seek help in our house to get back as healthy as possible. It is our task to treat you to the best of our ability and knowledge of modern medicine. Our nursing staff and our doctors will make every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible, even if the reason for your stay with us is serious.


"To promote your healing process, we need your help."


Please inform us about everything that seems important to you and do not be afraid to ask if you have not understood something. Mutual trust and understanding promote your recovery. We hope that you will feel at home in our house.

We would like to thank you for your trust in the Medical University of Hannover and wish you a speedy recovery.



Как мы можем Вам помочь?

Ваша контактная информация будет использоваться исключительно с целью улучшения качества медицинской помощи в одной из наших партнерских больниц.

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