Capio Klinik Abtsee (Capio Castle-Clinic Abtsee)

Laufen, Німеччина

Capio Schlossklinik Abtsee - The experts for vessel surgery in Oberbayern

The team of Capio Schlossklinik Abtsee welcomes you warmly!
For almost 25 years, we have been one of the leading venial centers in Upper Bavaria.

In the beautiful Schlossklinik near Laufen, we offer you years of professional competence and excellent medical care on the latest state of research in the field of vessel surgery.

Інформація про клініку

Our modern performance portfolio in vascular surgery

In addition to the classic surgical methods of varicose veins, we also offer modern procedures, such as laser and radiotherapy therapies and extraluminal valvuloplasty (ExVP). Furthermore, our competence in the Capio Schlossklinik Abtsee lies in the areas of lymphedema, lipoedema and open legs (ulcer cruris).

We are also happy to provide nutritional advice and provide information on our range of physiotherapy-physical therapies.

Clinic Overview

A "health care at the lake"

The Capio Schlossklinik Abtsee, Venenzentrum Oberbayern, is one of the most renowned venetian clinics in Bavaria.

Thanks to its high medical standard, it fulfills all prerequisites for optimal care for its patients.

The Capio Schlossklinik Abtsee is situated in a spacious park on the beautiful Abtsdorfer See with a unique view of the Berchtesgadener Bergkulisse. As the name suggests, the Venicclinic is located in a castle with appropriate side buildings.

The castle was always lovingly and authentically renovated. Nearly all rooms are facing south, the main part has lake and mountain views.



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