Nürnberg, Німеччина

Few cities in the world can match up to the splendor of Nuremberg, a city so quintessential German it will blow your mind away. Known for its poignant Nazi past, the city is now bustling with life, dark beer, picturesque colorful streets and mountains that surround the city beautifully.

The previous undeclared capital of the Holy Roman Empire is a place that perfectly combines the postcard-perfect lanes and houses, with modern art. It’s a place where you’ll find history on display at every corner, medieval architecture, excellent food, and a hot nightlife scene.

Here are some of the top things you can do in Nuremberg:

- Altstadt – This part shows you what an archetypal German medieval city would really look like, and you’ll find two halves of the Altstadt. One is dominated by the Church of St Lawrence, and the other hosts the world-renowned Christmas market.

- Kaiserburg – A beautiful castle where you can get sweeping panoramic views of the entire city.

- Nazi history – You can still see some of the structures that were erected in previous Nazi time, reminding you of the country’s harrowing history.

Average Temperature




Language German
Curreny Euro
Population 501,1 Тисяча
Time Zone UTC+1 / UTC+2 (summer)

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